2. Explain the problem and ask for remedies

In Part 2 of the Form T2: Application about Tenant Rights, you should choose Reason 2, Reason 3, and any other reasons that describe your situation.

There is a large box for you to explain more about what happened. You can add extra pages if this is not enough room. Give dates and as much other detail as you can about the problem, for example:

  • what is stopping you from getting into your place
  • when this happened and who did it
  • whether you contacted your landlord about the problem and what they said
  • if there is anything inside that you need urgently, such as medication or important documents
  • how being locked out has affected you and your

In Part 3 of the form, you choose what kind of orders you want the LTB to make. These orders are sometimes called .

If you want to be able to get back into your place, make sure to choose Remedy 9.

Also choose Remedy 11. In the box, say that before the hearing, you want an that the landlord must:

  • allow you to move back into the rental unit right away, and
  • not rent the unit to anyone else.

You can also ask for other remedies, such as:

  • Remedy 1: the landlord to give back any rent you paid for the time you were locked out
  • Remedy 3: order the landlord to pay a fine to the LTB as punishment for breaking the law
  • Remedy 5: order the landlord to pay for replacing or repairing any of your things that were lost or damaged because of the landlord's actions
  • Remedies 6, 7, and 8: order the landlord to pay you for expenses caused by the landlord's actions (for example meals, a temporary place to stay, moving and storage costs, or the difference in your rent if you had to rent a more expensive place)
  • Remedy 11: order the landlord to pay money to you for the disruption and mental distress of being illegally evicted

The LTB also has other powers. Try to get legal advice to make sure you ask for everything you might be entitled to in your case.

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