What if my landlord harasses me or invades my privacy?

2. Explain the problem and ask for remedies

In Part 2 of the form, you should choose Reason 3, and any other reasons that describe your situation.

There is a large box for you to explain more about what happened. You can add extra pages if this is not enough room. Give as much detail as you can, for example:

  • what the problem is (if there is more than one, list them all)
  • when each problem started
  • how long it has been going on
  • when you told your landlord about it
  • what they have done to stop it

In Part 3 of the form, you choose what kind of orders you want the Board to make. These orders are sometimes called .

For example, you can ask the Board to your landlord to:

  • stop the behaviour (Remedy 2)
  • pay a fine to the Board (Remedy 3)
  • pay you a “rent abatement”, which means give back some of the rent you paid during the time that the problems were happening (Remedy 1)
  • repay your moving costs and any increase in rent for up to a year, if you had to move because of the (Remedies 6 and 7)

The Board also has other powers. Try to get legal advice to make sure you ask for everything you might be entitled to in your case.

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