2. Figure out if you have a problem that the LTB can deal with

Here are some common situations where you might be able to apply to the (LTB):

The LTB's website has a list of issues you can apply to the LTB about, showing which form to use for each situation. It is important to use the right form.

If you are applying about more than one kind of problem, you can use more than one type of form. Ask the LTB to group your applications together if the issues are related.

Time Limit

It is best to apply to the LTB within one year after the problem started.

The LTB can only the landlord to give you money for problems going back one year before you applied. For example, if the problem went on for 6 months and you apply to the LTB 10 months after the problem stopped, you can only get compensation for two months.

Usually the LTB can't do anything if you apply more than a year after the problem stopped or more than a year after you moved out, whichever is earlier.

You should put these dates in your calendar so you don't miss them.

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