What if my landlord won’t let me get my stuff after I was evicted?

3. Give scheduling information for the hearing

The last page of the is a Scheduling Information Form. You must list any dates when you are not available.  The Board will schedule the hearing on any date that you did not list. They will not check with you first.

When the T2 form is complete, be sure to sign it.

Ask for a quicker hearing

It can take weeks to get a hearing date at the Board. If you urgently need some of your belongings or if you are afraid your stuff might get lost or damaged, you should ask the Board to schedule the hearing as soon as possible.

Depending on where you live, if you ask for a quicker hearing, you might get one within a week of applying. In large cities like Toronto or Ottawa, you could get a hearing in 2 or 3 days.

To request a quicker hearing, you must fill in a Request to Extend or Shorten Time form and give it to the Board along with your Form T2 application.

You can use this form to give the Board information about your situation and why you need them to hear this case quickly.

Make sure to check off the option on page 1 of the form that says: “I am requesting that the Board shorten: the time for serving a Notice of Hearing and schedule an early hearing for my application”.

On the form, when you explain why you believe your request should be granted, explain any hardship you are experiencing because of not being able to get your belongings.  A Board member will look at this form and decide whether or not to schedule the hearing quickly.

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