3. Make a plan for your hearing

Before your hearing, make notes about what you want to tell the  (LTB). If possible, practise what you are going to say.

Think about how your documents will help prove your story. And think about what questions you can ask the witnesses to prove your version of the facts.

Most LTB hearings are open to the public. You can watch some hearings before your own hearing day. This can give you an idea of what to expect at your hearing and how people present their cases to the LTB. To ask about watching a hearing, email the LTB at ltb@ontario.ca.

Because this is your , the LTB will usually expect you to speak and present your case first. At the beginning of the hearing, you can give a short summary of what your case is about. This is sometimes called an opening statement. Tell the LTB very briefly what has happened and what you want the LTB to do about it.

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