3. See if you can cancel the notice

If my landlord gives me an eviction notice, do I have to move out?
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3. See if you can cancel the notice

In some cases, the notice will tell you what you can do to cancel it. For example, if the notice says you owe rent, it must tell you exactly how much and when you must pay it to cancel the notice. If you pay that amount before the deadline, your landlord cannot use the notice to evict you.

If the notice says you caused damage, it might say you can cancel it by fixing the damage or paying for it by a certain date. Or if the notice says you caused some other kind of problem, it might say you can cancel it by correcting the problem by a certain date.

The law says your landlord must give you a receipt for any payments you make, including payments to cancel a notice. The landlord cannot charge you for the receipt. If you pay with a money order, make sure you keep the stub from the money order.

You can also ask your landlord for a copy of your payment record, which is sometimes called a "rent ledger", but they are not required to give you a copy of this.

If you are not able to cancel the notice, it does not always mean you will have to move out. But it does mean your landlord might take the next step and apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

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