What problems can I apply to the LTB about?

4. Apply to the Board

To apply to the Board you have to fill out the right form and then file it with the Board.

Check the Board's Help for Tenants web page to figure out which application form you need to use.

The application form asks for information such as:

  • the full name and address for you, your landlord, and anyone else who should be part of the application
  • the address of your rental unit
  • basic information about your rental agreement
  • your reasons for applying to the Board
  • what orders you want the Board to make (these are called )
  • a list of dates when you cannot come to a hearing
  • your signature

What you should write for reasons and remedies depends on what kind of problem you are having with your landlord and the details of your situation. You can read other questions about your problem on this website for more details about how to fill out the application form.

When the application form is complete, be sure to sign it.

If you can, get legal advice or help with applying to the Board. You will have only one chance to raise problems with your landlord at the Board, so it's important to make sure you know what to ask for in your application.

When your application form is completed, you have to file it with the Board. There is a filing fee of $53. But if you are on social assistance or other low income, you can ask the Board not to charge you the fee. To do this, you will need to fill out a “Fee Waiver Request” form. You can ask the Board to send you this form, or download it from the Board's website.

If you live near a Board regional office or a ServiceOntario Centre, you can file your application in person. You can also file your application by mail or fax. Some types of applications can be e-filed.

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