4. Apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board

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Housing Law - Paying rent
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CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario / Éducation juridique communautaire Ontario)
Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA)
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Can I withhold rent to get my landlord to do something?
This question has an answer and 4 steps

4. Apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board

Important COVID-19 updates

Time limits: When figuring out the deadline to take a legal step, the time between March 16 and September 14, 2020 does not count. This is because of an emergency order that stopped all time limits to start a case during that time. Find out how this could affect you.

Landlord and Tenant Board: The LTB is holding most hearings remotely, by phone, video, or in writing. Some people have had trouble connecting to remote hearings. If you have a video hearing scheduled, download Microsoft Teams ahead of time and make sure your setup is working.

There have also been reports that it can take a long time to get through to the LTB by phone. If you need help right away, contact a lawyer or your local community legal clinic.

If your landlord does not correct the problem, you can apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board. The Board is like a special court that settles disagreements between tenants and landlords.

When you apply, the Board will set a date for a hearing where you and the landlord can each explain the situation to a member of the Board.

It is your responsibility to convince the Board member about the problem. It is very important to bring evidence to your hearing, for example:

  • witnesses
  • photos, audio or video recordings
  • inspectors' reports and work orders
  • letters and notes
  • anything else that can help you prove your case to the Board member

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Reviewed: October 31, 2017

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