Can I be evicted if my landlord wants to move in?

4. Check if your landlord has previously given N12 or N13 notices

Your landlord must list any N12 notices they have given in the last 2 years on their form, if they filed on September 1, 2021 or later.

They must also list any N13 notices that they've given in the last 2 years. The list must include all rental units they gave these notices for, not just your rental unit.

You can use this list as evidence at the hearing, if you think it shows that your landlord is not planning to move in.

And if you know your landlord has left out some notices from this list, you should say so at your hearing. Prepare evidence before the hearing day to show that the LTB that there is a missing . For example, you might ask the tenant who was evicted to give you a copy of their notice.

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