Can I stop the eviction by paying what I owe?

4. Pay after the eviction date but before the Sheriff locks you out

Even if you miss the payment deadline in the eviction , you can still try to cancel the order before the comes to lock you out. To try to cancel the order, you must pay the full amount shown in the Order, plus any new rent that has become due since the date on the eviction order.

For example, if you got the eviction order in January but are paying in February, you will also have to pay the full rent for February to cancel the order.

If you make all these payments before the Sheriff comes, you then must file a Motion to Void an Eviction Order.

You can only file this kind of motion once during your . This means you can never do it again as long as you live in the same place.

The Board will schedule a hearing to decide whether you paid enough to cancel the order. You have to deliver a copy of the Notice of Hearing to the Sheriff's office so they know not to you before the hearing.

If the Board decides at the hearing that you have paid enough to cancel the order, the Board will then find out whether the landlord paid any fees to the Sheriff's office to enforce the Order. The Board will make an Order saying that you have to pay those fees to the Board by a certain date. You must pay those fees to the Board's Trust Account, not to your landlord.

If you pay all the fees to the Board's Trust Account by that date, and file the bank stamped receipt immediately with the Board, the Board will give you a notice that says the eviction order is cancelled. But you will again have to deliver papers to the Sheriff’s office so they will know the eviction order is cancelled.

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