What if my landlord wants to evict me for disturbing others?

5. Show other reasons the LTB should not evict you

The LTB does not have to you, even if they agree you have disturbed other tenants or the landlord.

In some cases, the LTB must let you stay. This applies if the LTB member agrees that your landlord:

  • has seriously failed to follow the law or the agreement, or
  • is trying to evict you because you did something to protect your legal rights or because you have children.

The LTB can also give you more time to move out, or refuse to evict you at all, because of your personal situation. Some reasons to delay or refuse your eviction are:

  • you have a mental or physical
  • you are a single parent
  • you have cultural connections to your neighbourhood
  • you will have a hard time finding an affordable place to live

At your hearing, make sure to tell the LTB member everything that you want them to think about when deciding whether to evict you. And where possible, bring evidence that supports what you are saying. It is helpful to make notes to take to the hearing so you can remember everything you want to say.

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