2. Ask for accommodation

If you need to breastfeed or pump milk, talk to your employer, landlord, representative, or provider. They must accommodate your need to breastfeed your child unless it would cause a serious cost or health and safety issue. It is not if they can prove that accommodating you would cause them .

To provide you with accommodation, a service provider or employer might:

  • provide a private space for breastfeeding
  • teach staff that a person has the right to breastfeed anywhere
  • allow breaks or flexible schedules so staff can have time to breastfeed or pump milk
  • have a fridge to store breast milk
  • allow a caregiver to bring the baby into the workplace or classroom to be breastfed

Your employer should have a sincere discussion with you about your needs.

Your employer might also ask you questions about your job duties, and how rules and job requirements interfere with your ability to breastfeed or pump milk. You have to co-operate with your employer in trying to find and agree on what is reasonable for them to do.

You may want to get advice about asking for accommodation. You can contact the Human Rights Legal Support Centre for free legal advice and information.

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