1. Keep IRCC up to date

It's important to let Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) know right away if there's a change in:

Follow these steps to open and save an IRCC form in PDF format, using Adobe Acrobat Reader for both PC and Mac users. You can't open the forms on your phone or tablet.

For example, you must tell IRCC if you or anyone you listed in your application:

  • gets married or has a new or
  • separates, divorces, or is widowed
  • gives birth to a child
  • is charged or convicted of a criminal offence

If you don't tell IRCC about these changes when they happen:

  • the processing of your application can be delayed
  • your application can be refused

And it could even lead to your or :

  • losing status in the future, and
  • never being able to be sponsored to come to Canada, even in a later application.

This could happen if IRCC gives them permanent resident status without knowing about the changes.

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