I’ve applied to sponsor someone outside Canada. What happens next?

1. Keep IRCC up to date

It’s important to let Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) know right away if there’s a change in:

For example, you must tell IRCC if you or anyone you listed in your application:

  • gets married or has a new or
  • separates, divorces, or is widowed
  • gives birth to a child
  • is charged or convicted of a criminal offence

If you don’t tell IRCC about these changes when they happen:

  • the processing of your application can be delayed
  • your application can be refused

And it could even lead to your or :

  • losing status in the future, and
  • never being able to be sponsored to come to Canada, even in a later application.

This could happen if IRCC gives them status without knowing about the changes.

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