Where can I get legal advice about immigration status in Canada?

Find out if a community legal clinic can help you

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) funds community legal clinics across Ontario that provide free legal services to people with low incomes. At these clinics, lawyers, community legal workers, and law students help people with a variety of legal problems.

To get help from a clinic:

  • your legal issue must be one the clinic deals with
  • you must live in the area the clinic serves
  • your income and can't be more than a certain amount

How a clinic can help

Some clinics help people with immigration problems. For example, a clinic might be able to help you with:

  • a
  • sponsoring a
  • appealing a

They can also tell you about:

  • health and community services and government benefits, for example, social assistance or Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) coverage, and
  • whether you might be able to get them.

Most legal clinics also give brief advice or what's sometimes called “summary advice” without asking about your financial situation.

And if your local clinic can't help you, they may be able to refer you to someone in your community who can.

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