Ontario Works says I have an overpayment. What can I do?

1. Ask Ontario Works for details

When Ontario Works (OW) says that you have an , make sure to ask them for details in writing. OW should give you a letter saying:

  • why they think you have an overpayment
  • what you can do if you don't agree with their decision

OW should not collect an overpayment from you unless they can prove:

  • why there's an overpayment
  • the amount of the overpayment

The overpayment could be money you got from OW or from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

Why overpayments happen

Overpayments can happen for many reasons. For example:

  • You had or that you didn't report.
  • Something changed in your life and you didn't report it. For example, you started to pay less for your housing or someone moved in with you.
  • You got and did not win your appeal to the .
  • You didn't follow the agreement you made to pay back social assistance that you got while waiting for other benefits, like Employment Insurance.
  • OW or ODSP made a mistake and gave you more money than they were supposed to.
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