Can I work and get ODSP at the same time?

1. Find out who ODSP includes in your household

The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) has rules about who they include as part of your household. ODSP calls this your “benefit unit”.

They include the and of people in your household when they decide if you qualify financially for ODSP.

And if others in your household earn money, their income can affect how much you get.

The people ODSP may include are:

Children under 18

If a child under 18 lives with you, ODSP rules say that they're usually included in your household if you or your spouse is the child's parent. But their earnings are not included as income and don't affect how much you get from ODSP.

Children 18 and older

There are rules about when ODSP includes a child who is 18 or older in your household.

If an adult child in your household is a full-time student in high school or a post-secondary program:

  • ODSP does not include their earnings as income
  • their earnings don't affect how much you get from ODSP
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