2. Tell Ontario Works about child support payments

Does getting child support affect my financial assistance from Ontario Works?
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2. Tell Ontario Works about child support payments

Child support payments don’t affect the amount of financial assistance you get from Ontario Works (OW).

This rule started February 1, 2017. But it only applies to child support payments that are owed for periods of time that start on February 1, 2017, or after that date.

You still have to tell OW about any child support payments that you get.

But OW does not count child support payments when they decide if you qualify for financial assistance.

Reporting child support payments when you’re on OW

You need to report child support payments to OW.

If you get the same amount every month, you don’t need to keep reporting it every month.

But if the amount you get goes up or down, you have to tell OW. You can do this by:

  • using the form that OW sends you each month with your cheque or your statement of direct deposit
  • giving your caseworker a copy of a new agreement or court order that shows the change

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Reviewed: August 31, 2017

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