I gave my ODSP appeal form to the Social Benefits Tribunal. Now what?

3. Ask for help with travel costs

If you need help to pay for travel costs to go to a hearing, you can ask the (SBT).

To do this, you fill out the Request for Travel Assistance (Form 6) and send it to the SBT.

On the form, you give the date and time of your hearing. Say how far you have to travel and how you'll get there.

Here are some examples of costs that the SBT may be able to help pay:

  • bus fare
  • gas, based on the distance you drive to and from the hearing
  • staying somewhere overnight, if you can't get to the hearing and back in one day

Explain how hard it will be for you to pay these costs if you don't get help.

Travel costs for a witness

You can also ask for help to pay the travel costs of a witness. A witness is someone who will give evidence at your hearing. This means that they tell the SBT about something that relates to your appeal.

If you ask for help to pay the travel costs of a witness, you need to include:

  • the witness's name
  • how they're connected to your appeal
  • why they need to be at your hearing
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