3. Be prepared to fill out forms

Beware of scams

People have been getting phone calls with a pre-recorded message telling them their Ontario Works account has been deleted.

This is a scam to trick you into sharing your personal information. If you get a call like that, hang up the phone. You can report these calls to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.

At your appointment with the Ontario Works (OW) worker, you have to fill out and sign a number of forms.

Other adult family members who OW says are in your household also have to complete these forms. OW calls this your “benefit unit”.

There is information below about the forms.

Application for Assistance

This is the form that asks for information about you and your financial situation.

Participation Agreement

This lists activities that you must do to get from OW. For example, this could be looking for a job or doing volunteer work.

You and an OW worker are supposed to agree on what activities will help you to:

  • get ready for a job
  • get a job as soon as possible

Consent to Disclose and Verify Personal Information

This form lets OW check the information that you give them. For example, they can check with your bank, a credit reporting agency, or government agencies, such as the Family Responsibility Office.

But OW should only check information that that they need to prove that you qualify for assistance.

If you have concerns about information that OW wants, contact your community legal clinic.

Consent to Disclose and Verify Information (Canada Revenue Agency)

This form lets OW check the information that the (CRA) has about you.

This includes information related to your income tax returns and any federal government benefits you may get.

Rights and Responsibilities

This form describes what you must do while you are getting financial assistance from OW.

Ask the OW worker to go over this form with you before you sign it.

Other forms

There may be other forms that you have to fill out and sign, for example, the Questionnaire for Applicants and Recipients who are living with another adult.


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