I need money to live. Can I get help from Ontario Works?

3. Gather the information you need to apply

Ontario Works (OW) needs detailed information about you and other people in your household to decide if you qualify for assistance.

It's a good idea to collect all the information and have it ready when you apply. It speeds up the process if you have all the information and documents ready before you apply.

Information you need to give OW

You need to give the following information about yourself and anyone else in your household:

  • name and date of birth
  • immigration status

You also have to give:

  • your address
  • what type of housing you live in and your housing costs
  • information about other costs, for example, child care or costs that are related to a disability

Documents you need to show OW

You need to show OW documents that prove the information you give them is true.

Examples of documents you might use are:

  • identity documents like a birth certificate or passport to prove name and date of birth
  • the last income tax return or Notice of Assessment to show income
  • pay stubs to prove income from work
  • receipts from your landlord to prove how much rent you pay
  • bank statements to show things like how much you have in savings
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