4. Figure out how much you can get

The most Transition Child Benefit (TCB) that a family can get is $207 each month for each of their children.

How much you get depends on:

  • whether you, your spouse, or your are getting any money from the Canada child benefit (CCB), and
  • how much CCB money you're getting.

Shared custody

The TCB follows the same rules as the CCB about shared custody. This means the parents who have each get half of the TCB payment.

To get the TCB, you must have proof that the says you're eligible to get CCB as a parent who has shared custody.

You can get this by contacting the Canada Revenue Agency and asking them to send you a letter.

If you share custody but you or the child's other parent can't get the CCB because of immigration status, you can still share the TCB payment.

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