Can I get ODSP if I own property or other things?

4. Know what to do if your assets are more than ODSP allows

The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) can cut off or reduce your if you get that are worth more than what the ODSP rules say you can have. For example, you might receive a gift or a payment from someone who owes you money.

See the answer to this question for details about the rules and amounts.

Buying assets that ODSP does not count

ODSP should not cut off your income support if:

  • you spend the money to buy assets that are “exempt”, which means that ODSP does not count them, and
  • you buy these assets in the month when you get the money.

See Steps 1 and 2 for examples of assets that ODSP does not count.

Using money for health reasons or because of your disability

You may be able to use money that's over the ODSP asset limit to pay for:

  • items or services related to your disability
  • something you need for your health or the health of someone in your household

Here are some examples:

  • assistive devices such as hearing aids, orthotics, scooters and wheelchairs, modifications needed to a car, computers, and access technology like voice recognition software
  • support services such as nursing services, home care, and therapy with a licensed psychologist
  • health care and safety supplies and services such as drugs and supplements not covered by a drug plan, products to help with diabetes and incontinence, life alert systems, and travel for medical assessments and treatments
  • renovations to make your home more accessible or safer
  • supports to help with training or education such as interpreters, attendants, and devices and technology

Before you buy an item or service, try to find out if ODSP agrees that it's related to your disability or that you need it for health reasons. Talk to someone at ODSP or get legal advice.

Letting you keep extra assets

ODSP can decide that having assets worth more than your limit will not affect your income support.

For example, they may do this if you have a plan to spend the money but need more time.

If you need help making a plan and asking for more time, get legal advice.

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