What happens to my ODSP when I turn 65?

Apply for a CPP retirement pension

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is run by the Government of Canada. You might be able to get a if you worked in Canada and made contributions to the CPP.

Or you might have contributions because a former partner split pension contributions with you, when you separated or divorced.

Some people apply for the CPP retirement pension when they're between 60 and 64 years old.

While you’re getting income support from ODSP

You get more money from the CPP if you wait until you're 65 to apply for the retirement pension. And if you qualify for a CPP retirement pension, ODSP can't require you to apply to get it before you're 65.

If you get CPP disability benefits

stop when you turn 65. Once you're 65, you'll start to get a CPP retirement pension.

The amount you get from the retirement pension is less than CPP disability benefits.

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