Can I get ODSP if I get an inheritance?

Learn about inheritances up to $100,000

The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) will not count an that's worth up to $100,000 as an asset if it's put in a “trust”.

Putting money in a trust means that someone called a “trustee” manages the money for you.

The trustee could be a person or an institution, such as a community organization or a bank.

Setting up a trust

It's most helpful to have a trust set up in the “will” that gives you your inheritance.

A will is a document in which someone says who should get their property when they die. If someone dies without leaving a will, there are laws about what happens to their property and who gets it.

Even if a trust was not set up in a will, you may still be able to set one up.

It's best to act quickly and to get legal advice.

Your ODSP could be affected, if a trust is not set up:

  • following the rules, and
  • within 6 months of the date you get the inheritance.
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