What is a Basis of Claim form?

1. Understand the importance of the BOC

The Basis of Claim Form (BOC) is an important and complicated document. In the BOC, you must show that you meet the definition of a Convention Refugee or . If any information is missing, not true, or different from other information, the Refugee Board could refuse your claim.

Before your hearing, a Member of the Refugee Board will review your BOC, the you provided, and the information in your immigration file.

The information in your immigration file can include anything you said at your eligibility interview and any previous applications such as a study permit, work permit, visa application, or a different refugee claim. If you made a previous refugee claim or an immigration application in another country, the Refugee Board might get that information and review it as part of your current claim.

This evidence and information will be compared to what you say at your refugee hearing. You will be asked questions about what you wrote in your BOC and your other evidence.

If your testimony is different than the information in your BOC or immigration file, the Member might not believe you're telling the truth. The Member might also not believe you if:

  • information in your BOC is different than what you said to the officer when you made your refugee claim
  • the evidence you attached to your BOC is different from other evidence you submitted, for example a medical or police report
  • the information in your BOC is different from something in your immigration file or a refugee claim in another country

The Member will give you a chance to explain any differences. The Member will look at what the difference is and whether your testimony adds more detail to what you already said or if you're saying something new.

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