2. Understand what happens if the person doesn’t follow the rules

If you're accepted as a bondsperson, make sure you understand all of the conditions listed on the person's release order. Make sure you get a copy of the release order from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

If the person doesn't follow their conditions, CBSA will keep your cash bond. You will also have to pay the amount of the performance bond you agreed to. You might have to pay even if you reported the person to CBSA for not following their conditions.

Reporting a breach of conditions

If the person is not following the conditions of their release, you must report this to CBSA. For example, if they stop living with you, or if they do not follow their curfew, you must report it.

If you report the breach, there is a chance that CBSA might not keep the cash bond or make you pay your performance bond. But this depends on the circumstances. You might have to send CBSA a letter explaining why you think you shouldn't have to pay the bond.

If you didn't report the breach, CBSA will keep the cash bond and write you to tell you to pay your performance bond.

CBSA will sometimes check to make the person is following their conditions. For example, CBSA can visit the address where the person is supposed to be to make sure they are there.

If the person doesn't follow their conditions, CBSA can issue a warrant for their arrest. The person can be detained and it will be more difficult for them to be released again.

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