3. Get legal help as soon as possible

If you're thinking of making a refugee claim, try to get legal advice from a refugee lawyer as soon as possible. If you don't make your claim as soon as you can, you might not be able to get refugee protection and you'll have to leave Canada.

A lawyer can help you understand:

  • how to complete your application forms without mistakes or inconsistencies that could affect your claim
  • what you can try to get to help you prove your claim
  • what problems you might have proving your claim
  • what you can do if you're not eligible to make a claim, including other ways you might be able to delay your removal, apply for a (PRRA), or apply to stay in Canada permanently

Legal representatives

An “authorized representative” is someone who you pay to give you legal help with an immigration issue. An authorized representative must be:

An authorized representative must follow rules about being honest and doing a good job. If they break these rules, they can be suspended or lose their licence to practice law.

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