4. Find out what you can do if you’re not eligible for a PRRA

If you're not eligible for a PRRA, or if your PRRA is refused, your will become enforceable. This means that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) must arrange for your removal as soon as possible.

But there are situations where you can make a “Request to Defer Removal” to delay your removal.

For example, your removal could be deferred if:

  • you have another application pending, such as a humanitarian and compassionate application
  • your child needs to get medical attention or finish their school year
  • the conditions in your country have changed since your refugee claim or previous PRRA was rejected
  • there is new of the risks you face in your country

You should talk to a lawyer for help with your Request to Defer Removal.

If CBSA refuses to delay your removal, you can ask the Federal Court to review that decision. You will need a lawyer to make that request.

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