Can I get healthcare services after I make a refugee claim in Canada?

1. Understand what the IFHP covers

The Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) is a program that provides free basic healthcare coverage to refugee claimants and some people who are eligible for a .

If you qualify for IFHP, you get unlimited, basic medical services. These services are similar to what Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Ontario get through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). And, in some situations, such as if you're a victim of human trafficking or you're a vulnerable person, you may get expanded health care. Ask your healthcare provider if the services you need will be paid for by IFHP.

The IFHP basic medical services include:

  • hospital care including emergency services and treatment, whether you're admitted to hospital or not
  • help from medical doctors, registered nurses, and other health-care professionals, including healthcare if you're pregnant or you recently had a baby
  • ambulance services
  • blood tests and other tests at a medical laboratory

The IFHP also covers some special medical services. While you don't pay for these services, there is a limit to the amount that you can receive. These services include:

  • some vision care
  • urgent dental care
  • home care and long-term care, for example if you or a child has a disability
  • some special health-care practitioners, such as clinical psychologists, counselling therapists, and physiotherapists
  • hearing aids
  • mobility aids, such as wheelchairs or walkers
  • diabetic supplies
  • prosthetics
  • other medical supplies and equipment

IFHP also pays for most prescription medicine.

Ask your healthcare provider if the medication, supplies, or equipment you need will be paid for by IFHP.

Confirm that you received services

After you're treated, the provider might give you a claim form to sign. You must sign this form to confirm you received the health service or product, so the provider can be paid.

You might receive a letter from Medavie Blue Cross asking you to confirm that you were given health services or products. Medavie is the company that manages IFHP claims. You should answer the question, sign the letter, and return it to Medavie. This letter is not a bill. It's for record keeping and to prevent fraud.

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