2. Apply for an examination hearing

The debtor isn't paying me. How can I find out more about their financial situation?
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2. Apply for an examination hearing

If you want an examination hearing, complete:

You will also need to complete a Certificate of Judgment if you want the examination hearing or garnishment in a different city than where the claim was issued.

The Notice of Examination identifies the person who will be examined. This is usually the debtor. If the debtor is a company, you should give the name of the person in the company who has the information you need.

The Affidavit for Enforcement Request should include:

  • the details of the court order you're enforcing
  • a record of all payments made so far
  • the amount you're still owed

File the documents

At the court office, file:

You must pay a fee to file these documents.

The court will sign your Notice, set a date for the hearing, and return your copy of the documents. While you're at the court office, get an Affidavit of Service for each debtor you plan to examine.

Online filing

Some judges may not have access to online documents. If you submitted or were issued court documents for your claim online, you must also file a paper copy with the court. When you file your Notice of Examination, don't forget to include documents that you submitted online.

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