How do I fill out a Plaintiff’s Claim using the online service?

2. Give information about yourself

You have to give the following information about yourself:

Email address

Use an email address you check every day. The Small Claims Court e-filing service will send you important documents by email. Check your inbox and spam folder for emails from the Small Claims Court.

If your email address changes, contact the court where your claim is filed right away. Ask the court office to change your email address in the online system.

Personal information

Write your full name on the form. If you go by other names, you should also add those names.

For example, if you used a business name that is different from your personal name when working with the person you're suing, enter the business name on the form.

To add other names, click Yes to the question, “Is this party known by another name?”.

Also enter your street address, postal code, and phone number on the form.

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