3. File your claim with the court

What to include

Give your court forms and documents to a at the courthouse. The documents will be added to your court . Every court form you complete and all relevant documents you want a judge to look at must be filed by the court.

When you give the court clerk your Plaintiff’s Claim Form, include copies of all documents that support your claim. For example, you may include:

  • the contract between you and the
  • any emails or letters between you and the defendant
  • product guides or manuals
  • delivery slips
  • photos or videos that show the product or any damage
  • receipts for the original product, repairs, or other costs

Make copies of the form and all other documents for:

  • yourself
  • the Small Claims Court
  • each defendant

Where to file your claim

Make sure that you file your claim at the right Small Claims Court location.

The court you choose must be:

  • in the town or city where you made a deal with the person you're suing, or
  • in the town or city where at least one of the defendants lives or runs their business, or
  • the court nearest to where at least one of the defendant lives or runs their business.

If you're not sure which location is right for you, call a court office and they will help you.

How to file your claim

You can file your claim online, by mail, or in person at the court office.

If you file your claim in person, the clerk at the court office will review your documents. If any information is missing, they will tell you.

The clerk puts a court stamp and date on all copies of your Plaintiff‘s Claim. They will keep the original and give the other copies back to you.

If you submit your claim online, you will be emailed a stamped copy of your claim.

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