3. Fill out an Affidavit for Jurisdiction, if asked

After you ask for an assessment hearing or assessment in writing, the e-filing service will ask if the Small Claims Court handling your claim is the location closest to where the lives or has their business.

If it is not, you will need to an Affidavit for Jurisdiction. The Affidavit shows the court that you have the right to sue at that court.

To file an Affidavit for Jurisdiction:

  1. Under the question asking if the Small Claims Court is the closest location, click No. Enter information about:
    • where the defendant lives
    • where the defendant's business is located
    • where the issue that started your lawsuit happened
  2. Click Review and Print Affidavit for Jurisdiction.

Once you've completed the Affidavit for Jurisdiction, you must swear it is true. This means you promise that the information in the Affidavit is correct. To do this, sign it in front of someone who has the authority to supervise an or . Court clerks at the Small Claims Court can do this for free. Lawyers, paralegals, and individuals called commissioners of affidavits can also do this, but they usually charge a fee.

Scan and upload the completed Affidavit of Jurisdiction.

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