How do I enforce a court order against someone to give back my property?

3. If the personal property can’t be found

The enforcement officer will try to get the listed on your Writ of Delivery. But sometimes they can't find the personal property the owes you. If this happens, you can ask the court for an order to seize other personal property that the debtor owns.

To do this, file a with the court. For more information on how to file a Notice of Motion, refer to the Guide to Motions and Clerk’s Orders.

If you get an order to seize other personal property, enforcement staff will keep the debtor's personal property until the judge makes a . The disposition order tells the what to do with the property. For example, it may tell an enforcement officer to sell the property at an auction and give the money to you.

You're responsible for the costs of transporting your property to your home or storing it.

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