How do I start a claim with the Small Claims Court online service?

4. Choose a filing method

You need to decide whether to use:

  • the Filing wizard; or
  • the Quick file method.

The Filing wizard takes you through the steps for filing a claim. Use the wizard if you're not familiar with filing a claim in Small Claims Court.

The Quick file method is for lawyers, paralegals, and others who are experienced with filing claims online. Don't use the Quick file method unless you have already prepared your Plaintiff's Claim form and your documents are ready to upload.

Once you choose a filing method, you must complete the whole process using that method. You can't change between the two partway through the process.

The Filing wizard is the best method for most users. It helps make sure you don't miss any steps in the filing process.

Use the Filing wizard

To start, click File Plaintiff's Claim. A new window will open. Review the terms and conditions. They help make sure that your claim can be filed using the e-filing service.

You can't use the e-filing service if:

  • You or the person you're suing is under the age of 18.
  • You or the person you're suing is mentally incapable.
  • You don't know the location of the person or business you're suing.
  • You have a court order saying that you're not allowed to make a claim.

You must agree with the terms and conditions before you can continue.

You must also agree to keep your original documents for 3 years in case a judge wants to see them at a hearing. The e-filing service saves text that you enter into the forms. It does not save copies of documents you attach.

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