4. Figure out post-judgment interest

My online claim is a liquidated claim. How do I get a default judgment?
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4. Figure out post-judgment interest

Post-judgment interest starts after you get your default judgment. The amount of interest you receive continues to grow until the defendant pays you. The defendant must pay you the full amount they owe and any interest.

If you want to claim post-judgment interest:

  1. Under the question asking if you want to claim post-judgement interest, click Yes. Select whether the interest will be:
    • the annual rate you agreed to with the defendant; or
    • the rate set by the Courts of Justice Act.
  2. After you enter all of the required details, click Review information before submitting.
  3. If you need to change the information you entered, click Update this section. Then make your changes and click Save and return to summary.
  4. When you're sure the information is accurate and complete, click Pay and submit. Enter the information needed to make a payment.
  5. You will see a summary of your submission and payment. Print this for your records. It will also be saved in your e-filing account.

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