5. After the settlement conference

I've filed a claim with the Small Claims Court online service. What happens next?
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5. After the settlement conference

If you and the defendant don't agree at the settlement conference, the judge will give the court clerk a memorandum. This is a document that lists the issues that you have not agreed on, the issues you have agreed on, and information dealing with scheduling a trial.

The court clerk will give you and the defendant a copy of the Endorsement Record/Order of the Court. This is a document that has any orders the judge made at the settlement conference.

The court clerk will also give you a Notice to Set Action Down for Trial form. If you want to go ahead with a trial, fill out this form at the courthouse.

Only ask for a trial date if you and the defendant are sure you can't reach an agreement.

If you want help reaching an agreement, you can try alternative dispute resolution, such as working with a mediator. The ADR Institute of Ontario has a service to help you find a mediator.

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Reviewed: April 1, 2019

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