I’m not legally married. What happens if I die without a will?

3. Learn what happens if you don’t have children

If you don't have a legally or children, and you die without a will, who gets your is based on which relatives are still living.

If you don't have any other descendants, such as grandchildren or great-grandchildren, your estate goes to your parents.

If your parents are dead, your estate is divided evenly among your brothers and sisters.

If you have no siblings, your estate is divided between your nieces and nephews.

If none of these family members are alive when you die, your estate goes to your closest living relative. The law calls this person your “next of kin”.

If there are no relatives that your estate can go to, it all goes to the Ontario government.

The are complicated. It's a good idea for your to talk to a lawyer to be sure that your estate is distributed correctly.

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