I’ve been named estate trustee in a will. How do I apply for a certificate?Updated January 1

4. Get the certificate

After you give the court all the information they need, they process your probate application. If court staff have questions about your application, they'll contact you for more information or missing or incomplete documents.

Once, you get the certificate, you can distribute the property in the based on what the will says.

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Small estate court process

Applications are usually processed within 5 business days. It will take longer if:

  • you don't file all the documents or provide all necessary evidence and information
  • the information you send in raises an issue that a judge needs to decide

If you filed your application by email, court staff will contact you by email. And they'll send the Small Estate Certificate by email as well.

If you filed by mail, court staff will mail you the certificate.

Regular court process

Your application may take several months to process depending on which court office you file it with.

Your application goes to a judge, who signs your Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee. The court will send you the certificate by email.

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