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Steps to Justice now has information about online, telephone, and mail-order shopping

Steps to Justice now has information about online shopping and ordering a product or service over the phone or by mail. Find out more at:

Latest content from Steps to Justice

Here is just some of the new legal content we have launched recently on Steps to Justice:

Employment and Work – Employment Insurance
Social Assistance – Working while on social assistance
Family Law – Child Protection – Motherrisk
Social Assistance – Assets or inheritances
Consumer Law –

Ontario Justice Partners Launch New Steps to Justice Website: A First of its Kind in the Province

TORONTO, Jan. 18, 2017 /CNW/ – Problems with landlords, unfair treatment at a job, and getting separated or divorced: these are some of the issues that Ontarians face every day. However, many cannot access the information they need to understand the legal implications of their problems and respond. 
Now they can go to Steps to Justice – a new website that empowers people in Ontario to understand and take action to deal with their legal problems.

Got a question about the law? There’s a site for that . . . . aims to provide reliable answers to common legal questions and problems. ‘It’s sort of like an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) of law,’ says Paul Schabas, the treasurer of the Law Society of Upper Canada.
By Alyshah Hasham Staff Reporter
Wed., Jan. 18, 2017
What can happen if I’m behind in my rent?

Technologizing Access to Justice

Steps to Justice was profiled in a January 4, 2017 column entitled Technologizing Access to Justice in Slaw: Canada’s online legal magazine. Here is a excerpt from that article:
By The Action Group on Access to Justice
Last month, Ryerson University’s Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ) and Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General hosted The Final Pitch of the Ontario Access to Justice Challenge.

Default vs Diversity

Steps to Justice was profiled in a September 29, 2016 column entitled Default vs. Diversity in Slaw: Canada’s online legal magazine. Here is a excerpt from that article:
I recently attended an access to justice conference where the majority of speakers and attendees were white men. As a South Asian woman my presence felt conspicuous.

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