My Refugee Protection Claimant document is expired, lost, or stolen. What can I do?

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) decides whether your claim is eligible to be sent to the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) for a decision. If you're eligible, you get a Refugee Protection Claimant Document (RPCD).

If you lose your RPCD, or if it's stolen, damaged or expired, you might be able to get a replacement.

You can apply for a replacement RPCD in the following situations:

  • You're waiting for a final decision on your application for a (PRRA)
  • the of Canada is still reviewing your refugee claim
  • your refugee claim or PRRA was successful

And there are other situations where you might be able to apply for a replacement RPCD. But you can't replace your RPCD if your PRRA was denied.

RPCDs have an expiry date. Because of COVID-19, all expired RPCDs are still considered valid. So, even if the expiry date has passed, your RPCD is still valid until further notice.

But you can apply to renew your RPCD if the expiry date on it:

  • has passed, or
  • will pass in less than 3 months.

You can also apply for a new RPCD if your RPCD:

  • has been lost, stolen or damaged, or
  • has an error on it.

If someone stole your RPCD, report this to the police. Contact your local police department‘s non-emergency number to report the theft. Do not call 911 to report a stolen RPCD.

You must be in Canada to renew or replace your RPCD. Your expired RPCD will stay valid until you get a new one.

How to apply for a new RPCD

Use IRCC's web form to apply to replace your RPCD. You must submit a separate web form for each person in your family who needs a new RPCD.

Read the instructions and complete the web form

Read IRCC's instructions for applying to renew or replace your RPCD. It has information on how to answer some of the questions.

Web form question What you should enter
What is your application number? Enter the number that is on the top right of your current RPCD that starts with a letter followed by 9 numbers.
What did you apply for? Choose “Refugee”
What application did you submit? Choose “Refugee Claim”
Did we ask you to add the document(s) to your application? Choose the following from the dropdown menu:

“No, I want to add the document(s) to support or complete my application.”

Please explain in the text box below what the documents are, and why you are adding them to your application. Type the following into the text box:
  • The keyword REFDOC
  • The reason for renewing your RPCD. This might be expiry, error, lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Your full mailing address.

Make sure that you fill out all the questions on the web form.

According to IRCC's instructions, if you're applying on behalf of your child who is under age 18, you do not need to submit:

  • a Use of a Representative form (IMM 5476) or
  • an Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual form (IMM 5475).

Check your answers

Make sure you understand the questions in the web form. Check that you answered all the questions correctly. And check that you spelled everything correctly and put the correct universal client identification (UCI) number. This number is in the top right corner of your current RPCD under your Application Number.

Upload a Photo

If you're applying for a new RPCD for someone who was under the age of 18 when they made their refugee claim, you need to upload a photo of them that meets IRCC's photo specifications.

For other applicants, upload a photo only if IRCC told you they need one.

Take screenshots and submit your webform

Before you submit a web form to IRCC, it's a good idea to take a picture, screenshot or a print screen showing the answers you typed in and the documents you uploaded. This is because once you submit the web form, you cannot see what you sent.

After you submit the form, it's also a good idea to keep a copy of the confirmation of submission page. You will also get an email confirming that IRCC received your web form. Keep these for your records.

What happens next?

Once IRCC gets your request, they will:

  • send you your new RPCD by mail, or
  • tell you to pick it up at one of their offices.

Once you get your new RPCD, destroy the old RPCD. The old RPCD will no longer be valid.

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