Can I serve my sentence on weekends?

2. Think about the best way to serve your time

Serving an is not for everybody. Think about the benefits and problems of serving your on consecutive days or weekends.

Sentences are usually served on consecutive days. This means one day after the other until the sentence is finished. When you serve your sentence on consecutive days, it is called serving the sentence in straight time. Some people prefer this because they can complete their sentence sooner. It seems better to them than returning to jail every weekend.

If you want to serve your sentence on weekends, be prepared to explain why you should be allowed to do that at your sentencing hearing.

Factors to think about

Before you decide you want to serve your sentence on weekends, consider whether:

  • you have responsibilities that will be negatively affected, such as losing your job or rental accommodation
  • you will be able to follow the conditions of your while you're in the community during the week
  • you will be able to always turn yourself in on time every Friday
  • you want to take longer to complete your sentence

Also, keep in mind that you get 4 days towards your sentence per weekend, even though you're not in jail for 4 full days. You arrive Friday evening and leave Monday morning.

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