My employer keeps asking me when I’m going to retire. Can they do that?

2. Think about talking to your employer

You don't have to talk to your employer about feeling harassed if you don't feel comfortable doing that. But if you're comfortable, it can be a helpful way to resolve the issue.

You should explain to your employer that you would like them to stop asking you about plans to retire You don't have to tell your employer when you plan to retire.

You might say to your employer something like:

  • When I'm ready to retire, I'll make sure I let you know.
  • The law says I don't have to retire until I'm ready, and I'm not ready yet.
  • Would you please stop asking me about retiring? I'm feeling pressured to retire even though I'm not ready yet.

Your employer cannot threaten or punish you for reminding them about your human rights.

If your employer has retirement programs available, they can share that information with all employees. If your employer is only sharing information about retirement with you, it can look as though they're trying to pressure you to retire, which isn't allowed. If you're thinking about retirement, and you don't know where to find information about your employer's retirement programs, you can ask your employer to share it with you.

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