Someone is moving in with me. Can this affect my ODSP?

2. Learn about the questions ODSP asks

You must let the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) know as soon as someone moves in with you. ODSP may contact you 3 months after someone has moved in with you to set up a meeting and ask you questions.

ODSP asks the questions to decide whether the person you live with is your spouse. These questions are in the Questionnaire (for Applicants or Recipients who are living with another adult). Some people call it the Co-Resident Questionnaire.

The Questionnaire has 3 parts. Steps 3 to 5 talk about each of these parts.

You won't get if you don't:

  • answer the questions that ODSP asks
  • give them the information they ask for

If you need help dealing with ODSP, contact a community legal clinic.

Once ODSP makes a decision

If ODSP decides that the person you're living with is your spouse, they'll say that you have to apply for income support as a couple.

If you disagree with their decision, you may be able to appeal.

If ODSP decides that the person you're living with is not your spouse, they may follow up in the future to see if your relationship has changed.

And they will likely ask you for information about your relationship at least once a year.

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