If I apply for ODSP, how do I prove my disability?

4. Send in the Disability Determination Package

You send the completed forms from the to the .

You must do this within 90 days from the date the package was given to you. If you got it in the mail, your deadline is 93 days from the mailing date on the envelope it came in.

In the package, there's an envelope with the Disability Adjudication Unit's address on it.

Your health professional should keep copies of all of the completed forms.

If you miss the time limit

If you don't send the forms in within the time limit, the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) office closes your file.

This means that you'll have to start from the beginning to apply for from ODSP.

If you can't send your forms in within the time limit, contact the Disability Adjudication Unit and ask them to give you more time.

You'll have to prove that you have a good reason. For example, if you could not complete the forms because you were in hospital or in jail, they should give you more time.

But if they refuse to give you more time and you miss the deadline, you'll have to start your application again.

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