How do I complete my Pre-removal Risk Assessment and what evidence can I include?

1. Get a lawyer to help with your application

If you're facing removal from Canada and are afraid to return to your country, it's important to have a lawyer help with your (PRRA). It's very difficult to succeed with a PRRA without a lawyer.

There are strict deadlines to follow and the rules about what you can include are complicated. If you miss the deadline or you don't provide enough evidence, you can be removed from Canada.

A lawyer or legal representative can help you complete the PRRA application, gather evidence to support your application, and make written submissions about the risks you face if you're removed from Canada.

If you already submitted your PRRA and evidence on your own, a lawyer or legal representative can help you to any correct inconsistencies or mistakes you might have made. They can also keep providing more evidence until you get a decision on your PRRA.

And a lawyer can apply to Federal Court to ask for a stay of your if the CBSA tries to remove you before you become eligible for a PRRA.

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