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Updated information on Employment Insurance and CERB

Steps to Justice has updated information about the changes to Employment Insurance dealing with the number of qualifying insurable hours and the new minimum payment. These changes replace the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), which ends on October 3, 2020. Updates have also been made to the COVID-19 content

Form T1: New Guided Pathway to fill out the Tenant Application for a Rebate

Use CLEO’s Guided Pathways to get online help to complete the Landlord and Tenant Board’s Form T1, Tenant Application for a Rebate of Money the Landlord Owes.

You can use the T1 application if your landlord:

collected money that they should not have collected, or
did not pay back money that they owed

You can also use CLEO’s Guided Pathways to complete the 

Register today: Income Benefits during COVID-19: A webinar for front-line workers on CERB to EI + new Canada Recovery Benefits 

Income Benefits during COVID-19: A webinar for front-line workers on CERB to EI + new Canada Recovery Benefits

CERB payments will soon end but many of your clients will not be returning to work.  What will the new Employment Insurance (EI) program offer and who will get access?

Updated information on payday loans – Mises à jour sur les prêts sur salaire

Steps to Justice has updated information about the new rights for payday loan customers and the new limits on how much interest payday lenders can charge.
Justice pas-à-pas a actualisé les renseignements relatifs aux droits des clientes et des clients des prêts sur salaire, y compris les nouvelles limites sur les intérêts que les prêteurs peuvent appliquer.

On the Radar: Going back to work during COVID-19

Now that most of Ontario is in stage 3 of reopening, many people have returned to work and others are being asked to return. This month’s On the Radar from CLEO looks at some of the legal issues that workers face when they go back to work.
Learn more at:

Updated information on motions to change in family law

Steps to Justice has updated information about asking the court to change a court order or separation agreement about child support, spousal support, and custody and access. These updates include links to the new forms and updated Family Law Rules.

Justice pas-à-pas a actualisé les renseignements sur les requêtes en modification d’une ordonnance judiciaire ou d’un accord de séparation concernant la pension alimentaire pour enfants,

New information about online filing in family law

Steps to Justice now has information about what family law forms and documents can be filed online.
Justice pas-à-pas fournit maintenant des renseignements quant aux formules judiciaires et documents qui peuvent être déposés en ligne.

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