I have a disability. What can I do if I’m being abused by a support worker?

3. Think about contacting ReportON

You can report abuse by a developmental service agency to the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. You can call them:

  • about abuse that you're experiencing
  • if you think someone else is being abused

The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services has a 24-hour hotline for reporting abuse, called ReportON, at 1-844-309-1025.

You can call ReportON if you think that what's happening is abuse, or if you aren't sure.

You don't have to give your name or contact information when you call ReportON. But it might be easier for ReportON to help if you give that information. Any you provide will be kept confidential unless ReportON is required by law to release the information. For example, if there is a police investigation, ReportON might have to release your information.

What happens after you call ReportON

When you contact ReportON, they will decide if the abuse is an emergency. If they think it's an emergency, ReportON will call 911.

If ReportON decides it is not an emergency, they will still try to help you. ReportON is supposed to work with your developmental service agency to stop the abuse. In some cases, the Ministry of Community and Social Services might send someone to check the service agency.

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