What if a person doesn’t want to be my surety anymore?

2. Turn yourself in

It's better to turn yourself in than wait for the police to pick you up. The courts are more likely to think you're a responsible person if you turn yourself in. This may improve your chances of being released on again.

At the courthouse

You can go with your to the courthouse and turn yourself in there when your surety asks to be relieved of their duties. You will be taken into by the court officers. If you have a new surety, bring them with you to court. You will remain in custody until the court approves a new surety to supervise you, or reappoints your former surety. See Step 3.

At the police station

If you don't accompany your original surety to the courthouse when they revoke your bail, you can turn yourself in at a police station.

If you turn yourself in for a at the police station, they will not let you go. Don't bring any personal property to the police station that you aren't prepared to leave with the police. The police will hold your personal property until:

  • you're given bail, or
  • arrangements have been made for an authorized person to pick up your property.

You may want to have someone give you a ride to the station. If you don't bring your car, you won't have to arrange to have it moved if you're not released.

The best time to turn yourself in is 6:00 am Tuesday – Thursday. If you turn yourself in late in the day, you may have to spend the night in custody before you get a . If you turn yourself in on a Friday, you may have to stay in custody over the weekend and have your bail the following Monday.

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