2. Keep your financial information safe

Here are some tips to keep your financial information safe:

  • Never lend anyone your credit card or debit card. Do not give your Personal Identity Number (PIN) to anyone.
  • Try to memorize your PIN instead of writing it down. If you have to write it down, do not keep it with your card, or in your wallet or purse. Don't have easy PINs that include your birthday or phone number.
  • Use your free hand to hide the keypad when you enter your PIN number at a cashier, bank machine, or ATM.
  • Your credit card or debit card should only be swiped once at a checkout. If an employee swipes your card more than once for no reason, tell the manager.
  • Check your bank and credit card statements regularly. If you see anything that doesn't look right, call the credit card company right away.
  • If you don't get your statement in the mail when you expect it, call the bank or financial institution.
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